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Why is this project being built?

The Manzanita Park Residence Hall is being built on behalf of R&DE Student Housing to address the need for additional on-campus undergraduate housing at Stanford. Starting in Fall 2015, the dormitory will provide 125 new beds for upper-class undergraduate students. 

Who is managing Manzanita Park Residence Hall project?

The design and construction of the Manzanita Park Residence Hall is being managed by a team from the Stanford University Department of Project Management. The department provides planning, design, and construction management for new buildings and renovations of existing facilities across the University’s main campus. 

Who will live in the Manzanita Park Residence Hall once it opens?

The Manzanita Park Residence Hall will house 125 upper-class undergraduate students, and will be available in the housing draw/lottery for Fall 2015 . 

What type of housing and amenities will the Manzanita Park Residence Hall provide?

The Manzanita Park Residence Hall will provide 125 beds for upper-class undergraduate students, arranged in both single and two-room double configurations. The spacious rooms have been configured to encourage collaboration and community within the dormitory. A grand lounge and adjacent kitchenette provide a welcoming space for social and academic activities. A seminar room, computer cluster and tower study room offer ample collaborative and study spaces for residents.  Furthermore, the Residence Hall features a music room and artistic space in the basement.

What is the construction schedule?

Site mobilization will begin over Spring Break, with underground utility work beginning in April 2014. Site excavation for the building's basement will occur May-June 2014, followed by foundation and concrete work into July 2014. The building superstructure will be built through December 2014, with the building skin being completed in February 2015. Interior rough-in and finishes will follow through May 2015. The building will be completed in Summer 2015, and will welcome students for Fall Quarter 2015.

What are the planned construction hours?

Normal construction hours will be Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m, sometimes extending to 6:00 p.m.

What types of construction impacts should be expected?

Every effort will be made to minimize the impact of construction activity on the surrounding community. Due to the nature of a construction project of this magnitude, some amount of traffic, noise, dirt and dust impacts are unavoidable, especially during the building's excavation and framing. The project management team will ensure that contractors comply with all restrictions on working hours and noise levels. Furthermore, access paths and routes will be interrupted by the construction site boundaries. Please obey posted signs and recommended routes during the construction period. 

How will the project affect parking during construction?

The project is fortunate to have access to a dedicated contractor parking area on the median of Campus Drive East. Apart from some minor periodic traffic on Buckeye Lane, the project should not have any impact on student/staff/visitor parking.

Will emergency vehicles have access to the Manzanita Park Community during construction?

Yes. The emergency vehicle access will be ensured to both the project site and to the surrounding community throughout the project. Futhermore, ADA access routes will be provided to adjacent buildings throughout construction. These routes may be different than existing routes, and signage will designate any changes in accessible pathways. For more information on ADA access, please feel free to contact the project management team.

Where can I go for more information?

Stanford will make every effort to keep you informed and to minimize inconvenience during construction. If you would like to be added to our email list, want more information, or have questions or comments about this project, please contact Stanford University Project Engineer Ethan Landy via email or phone at

Phone: (650) 497-2691